Greasing and replacing oil:

First let the engine run to it's working temperature and then release the plugs from the engine, the gearbox, the cardan and the rear wheel (I don't know how this part is called in English).

Replace the copper rings from the plugs if necessary and, if all the oil is leaked out, put the plugs back in place.

Fill the engine with 2,25 liter engine oil. When you have an oil cooler then this would be 2,50 liters. These measures are when the oil filter is replaced also, if not some oil stays in the filter.

Fill the gearbox with 0,8 liter gearbox oil.

Fill the cardan with 0,15 liter gearbox oil. The level can be checked by putting a screwdriver through the fill hole, on top of the axe. The screwdriver must have about 2mm oil on it.

Fill the rear wheel with 0,25 liter gearbox oil which means that the oil level comes to the lower end of the fill hole (onderkant schroefdraad)

Let the engine run for a little while and then wait a few minutes. Check the oil level by removing the check pin (?) and wipe it off then put it back without tightening and remove it again to read the level.

Check the brake fluid level in the front brake reservoir which resides below the gas tank. The level can be a little low when the brake shoes (?) are becoming thinner.
Every two or three years this fluid must be completely replaced because it will more and more attach to water and this result in gas bulbs during a firm brake and that means bad braking.
The fluid can be removes by loosening the little plugs (?) on the brakes while attaching a tube to it so that the fluid can leak into a jar or something. This fluid can do great damage to you paint so beware !
After tightening the little plugs you can fill up the brake fluid. After that the brake-tubes (?) must be released from the remaining air by releasing the plugs for a short while after a few brake movements and repeat this action until no air comes out and the brakes feel firm instead of spongy (?)
After the air is out check again the oil level in the reservoir. When the brake shoes are new the brake fluid can be filled up to MAX.

(Fork oil, not done yet)

Grease all grease points, they can be found on the clutch handle on the gearbox, the side stand (not important), the transmission pedal on the gearbox en the brake pedal.

Grease the ball bearings of the bridge (achterbrug ?) with a special grease device with fine tip. To do so remove the plastic covers and put the grease device in the holes. Put grease into it till it comes out of the other side.

(c) W.P.Barendsen 1998