Startengine problems

I had the problem that my engine wouldn't start anymore. The start engine almost wouldn't turn anymore while the battery was only two years old and seemed to be all right. Zelfs met startkabels draaide de startmotor niet echt lekker en wilde de motor maar nauwelijks starten. De diverse verbindingen zagen er goed uit dus het probleem moest bijna wel in de startmotor zitten.

The removal of the start engine was not too difficult, I'll tell step by step how I did it. Now the start engine is removed you can take a closer look at it. There are two options, the first is to take the start engine to a revision company where they can test it for you and revise if necessary and the second is to take it apart yourself. (PHOTO start engine) (PHOTO engine with removed start engine)

Taking apart the start engine
After remount the motor turned around well so the conclusion for now is still that the problem was the bad mass connection inside the start engine.
But after a few days I knew the problem was still there. My only conclusion was that the starter engine was bad although it looked good. A new starter engine costs about 500 dutch guilders (about 250 dollars) so I wanted someone to tell me I was right. I tried the dealer, forums on the internet and a starter engine revision company but no one would say I was rihjt for sure. The only thing I could do was to buy a new one, not a revised one because I lost a bit of my faith in revision companies. The new starter engine was a Valeo because Bosch doesn't build new starter engines for our bikes. Fortunateley I was right and all problems were gone, starts like hell.

(c) W.P.Barendsen 2001