Solving pain in the back:

I liked the BMW R100RS from the beginning that I bought it. The engine did not give me any trouble till now and I didn't have any unexpected costs. What I didn't like a bit was the pain in the back that I had after longer rides. With weekend trips of about 1000 Km I needed two weeks to get off the pain in the back.

I went looking for risers on the internet and after a while I found a picture of a BMW with risers that look nice and that brought the handlebar a bit higher and a bit towards me BUT except this picture I didn't found anything about these risers. I mailed some of the bigger companies but none seemed to have risers. Also questions in maillinglists had no effect but from the reactions I noticed more people seemed to have this problem.

Finally I have sent a mail to Kaspar Mulkens from De Hobbyist with the picture of the risers and the question if he knew how I could get them. His answer was negative as well but he had another solution which existed of replacing the handlebar with one from a BMW K75S which was a little higher en towards the driver.

"De hobbyist" sended me such a handlebar by mail and I was able to fit it on my bike before I decided to buy it. The handlebar fitted well so I bought it en began to mount it on the bike. The real effect could only be seen on a longer term.
The handlebar had to be shortened 1.5 cm on both sides so that it can make a better turn inside the fairing. It's not really neccessary but better to do so. Further there were no problems mounting, all cables do fit. The only difference is that the black foam plate on the handlebar doesn't fit anymore.

After a longer period of time the new handlebar seemed to a hit, the back troubles are almost over. The only disadvantage is that the wind gives a little bit more noise than before because the sitting position is a bit higher.

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